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Apple iPad Air 4 Cracked Screen Repair 8/22/22

Hey everyone! Today at The Smartphone Doctor we fixed a few iPhone and Samsung Screens, replaced a Google Pixel Battery, fixed a water damaged phone, and replaced a cracked iPad Air 4 Screen. If you need any sort of electronics repair work done, come and see us! Thanks. ❤️📲

Apple iPad 7th Generation Cracked Screen Repair 8/18/22

Hey everyone! Today at The Smartphone Doctor we were able to repair a cracked screen on an iPad 7th generation. We repair these cracked screens all the time, so if you have a broken screen, need a new battery, need to replace a charging port or anything else stop in and see us! Thank you all. ❤️📲

Playstation 4 HDMI Replacement Game Console Repair 8/17/22

Hey everyone! We fix all broken HDMI ports on Game Consoles 🎮 (Xbox and PlayStation) right here The Smartphone Doctor in town. We do it faster and better than the other guys in town. Come by and see us, we can take care of you right away! ❤️

Nintendo Switch Game Console Repair 8/16/22

Hey everyone! Today at The Smartphone Doctor, we had the opportunity to fix a broken screen on a Nintendo Switch as well as replace the side joycon rail as it wouldn’t connect. We love Game Console Repairs! If you need any Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch console fixed then definitely reach out. We fix broken HDMI Ports, Charging Ports, perform General Cleanings, and more! 📲❤️

Apple Watch Cracked Glass Screen Replacements 8/15/22

Hey everyone! Today at The Smartphone Doctor we were able to repair THREE broken Apple Watch screens and have them done for our customers! We fix and repair all cracked or broken glass screens on any Apple Watch Series. If you are in need of any iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Game Console, or Samsung electronics repair reach out to us.

iPhone Data Recovery 8/14/2022

The Smartphone Doctor here in Springfield can take care of all your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Samsung, and Game Console Repairs here right in store. Today, we had the pleasure of fixing an iPhone 12 that was water damaged and stuck on the Apple Logo. It was cycling over and over at the Apple Logo, but we got the clients phone fixed with our microsoldering equipment and saved all their data and prevented them from having to purchase a new phone!

If you have a broken device, come by and see us, give us a call, or visit our website for a free quote.

Water Damage

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Water damage is one of the most dreaded of technology incidents. Unlike cracking a screen, water gets into devices and disrupts them from the inside out. If that happens, don’t panic, come see the experts. The key to fighting water damage is time, so don’t delay - come save your device today

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